Need for Change

  • Most post-secondary education in Canada is built on normative colonial frameworks that privilege white settlers over students from other groups. When crucial skills for success in higher education remain hidden, inequities also remain hidden, unexamined, and unchallenged. By deliberately embedding executive, inter- and intrapersonal, social accountability, and other skills into the curriculum, educators create space for dialogue, understanding, and change.

Educational Resources for All

  • Many educators recognize that they have a responsibility to participate in the dismantling of colonial and biased structures and systems that give rise to inequities in post-secondary education. However, they may struggle to find educational resources relating to uncovering the hidden curriculum that have been developed through an EDI-D lens. Resources developed by diverse teams can resonate more closely for students with diverse backgrounds and perspectives. When students see their experiences reflected in what they are learning, they can become more engaged in the learning process, make deeper connections with the material and use their own learning to become agents of social change.
  • Our diverse team attempted to address this issue by consulting with experts and individuals with varied lived experiences to ensure the inclusion of different perspectives, including those of Indigenous and racialized people, people with disabilities, LGBTQ2S+ people, and other groups that are equity-seeking. In this process, the consultants reviewed key topics and provided structured feedback that was used to expand and edit all content available on this website.