Uncovering the Hidden Curriculum would not have been possible without funding from eCampus Ontario and the dedication of a diverse team from multiple institutions, sectors, and disciplines who came together to create high-quality, open access educational resources to support today’s learners.


This project is made possible with funding by the Government of Ontario and through eCampusOntario’s support of the Virtual Learning Strategy. To learn more about the Virtual Learning Strategy visit: https://vls.ecampusontario.ca

Funded by eCampus Ontario showing funding logos for eCampus Ontario and Ontario.

Project Team

  • Nicole Campbell: Project Lead and Design Conception
  • Rebecca Sullivan: Project Coordinator
  • Faraj Haddad: Content Editor and Data Analyst
  • Samira Chams: Education Developer
  • Carmen McCarron: Lead Content Author

Content Creators

  • Barette-Ng, Isabelle
  • Barr, Lauren
  • Bovin, Joseph
  • Brewer-Deluce, Danielle
  • Cerulli, Tina
  • Clarke, Kathleen
  • Gurska, Jola
  • Lebert, Richard
  • Maheshwari, Urvi
  • Mes, Andrew
  • Montpetit, Colin
  • Parkes, Rebecca
  • Paulson, Elan
  • Penny, Mandy
  • Pinheiro, Marcel
  • Rawle, Fiona
  • Sardido, John David
  • Traill, Catherine
  • Zukowaki, Stephanie

Website and Graphic Design

  • Artha Learning Inc.
  • Imprint MG
  • Christina Hotz

French Translation

  • Across Languages Inc.


EDI-D Consultants

  • Anderson, Erdanya
  • Good, Emily
  • Ghosh-Swaby, Olivia
  • Kicknosway, N’Dawness (Misko)
  • Lucaciu, Sergiu

Summer Student Research Team

  • Anderson, Erin
  • Bach, Emerson
  • Bedi, Lavleen
  • Garipova, Sabina
  • Mahakul, Shubhika
  • Rabbi, Mohammad
  • Scholtz, Emma

Locations of our Team Members

This project was successfully completed by members of our team who are located across Ontario. The nine locations of our members are pinned on the map below. These include: 1. North Bay ON, Nipissing University; 2. Ottawa ON, University of Ottawa; 3. Toronto ON, University of Toronto, and Imprint Marketing Group; 4. Mississauga ON, Artha Learning Inc; 5. Waterloo ON, University of Waterloo, Wilfrid Laurier University, and Conestoga College; 6. Mitchell ON, C tB Holtz Graphic Designer; 7. London ON, Across Languages, Fanshawe College, London Health Science Center, Western University, and Huron College; 8. Sarnia ON, Lambton College; 9. Windsor ON, University of Windsor.

A map to show the locations of our contributors. The list is described in the text above.