AODA Compliance

Results from our environmental scan revealed that not all online resources (print and video) from Ontario post-secondary institutions comply with AODA guidelines. For instance, some print resources did not have appropriate alt-text descriptions for images that were essential to communicate the content within the resource. In addition, although virtually all video resources contained closed captioning, many were not properly transcribed and instead relied on automatically generated captions, which typically contain many errors and are only available in English, not in French.

Accessible Resources

To address these issues, we made several key considerations throughout the development process of our resources to ensure they are compliant with the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act (AODA). We chose to deliver all the main content through text, and any images used were non-essential (or decorative) to the main content; where necessary alt-text was included. In addition, we excluded video resources due to the issues of automatic closed captioning. Any videos that contained essential ideas to the skills presented on this website were summarized by our content creators and added to the main text.

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